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  • “How would my own thoughts and ideals have played a role in helping to create this situation?”
    For a long time, I thought that my attitudes, beliefs, and feelings had nothing to do with what is going on around me. If I want to be in sync with Nature and solve our environmental problems, it makes sense for me to learn what is behind our manifestations on the Earth and how we could design our way of living in accordance with these principles. In Nature, everything is connected and functions as one whole. Some forces may appear to be in competition with each other, yet they end up cooperating and giving way to the most beneficial and effective outcome. A seemingly insignificant flip of wings by a little butterfly creates a chain reaction that is often called a “butterfly effect.” The recognition that our hidden ideals have played a role in creating the circumstances that we perceive as problematic is the first step in the process of transforming these conditions into opportunities for their correlating and cooperating. Asking a question such as “How would my own thoughts and ideals have played a role in helping to create this situation?” is directing the spotlight of our conscious attention to an appropriate answer within the vast “floodlight” of our enormous collection of unconscious beliefs – like the underwater part of an iceberg. I am excited that more and more people are doing the right thing and having an attitude that any kind of work in this world could become the Love in Action (as described in The Magic of Findhorn).

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