2021 Contest

Would you like to participate in the 2021 contest for Your Green Homestead Highest Rated Entry Awards as an author of a creative entry, a reviewer who is rating and commenting on the contest entries, and/or a sponsor? Similar to other years, it ends at the end of the calendar year on December 31, 2021.

Please submit your inquiry on the Contact Us page. The contest focus and categories are the same as the 2020 contest (copied below). Your ratings determine the winner of the 2021 Award. We look forward to hearing from you!

2021 Contest Entries

  • Ecoasis Natural Water Treatment System 4.83/5 (13)
    I designed, built and installed a prototype “Ecoasis” natural water treatment system and had the water periodically professionally tested to make people aware of natural water treatment and demonstrate its effectiveness.
  • Times Table
    Short-short story Finally, the American trucks were coming.  When the first was little more than two hundred meters away, I walked into the middle of the road, removed my shirt, and waited. I wanted the American soldiers to know that I did not wear bombs. I held my palms together as the trucks came. People…
  • Poem – I LOVE MY HOME
    I love my Home and possessions. They comfort me in life. I look at them with appreciation As gifts from our Almighty’s light.
  • Awakening to Fearlessness: Meditation Guide to Higher Consciousness
    In fearlessness you fear not for the condition of others.
  • Song – Hope for Love
    I was lost in winter of clock that stuck in time, frozen in my tracks. My heart was broken. Hoping that someone would come around to give me strength to love again.
  • Poem – Zen meditation for a sacred tablecloth
    My tablecloth is sacred. It catches crumbs and dust. I take it outside for shaking and wave it with all my might.

The Lord’s Prayer as simultaneous glorification of God, others and self in oneness – Your Green Homestead started as a desire to design and build a Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The Lord’s Prayer is often the main guiding principle for most such endeavors.

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