Awakening to Fearlessness: Meditation Guide to Higher Consciousness 5/5 (3)

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I am excited to present an excerpt from my just published book that I wrote under my pen name Baba Tzerah. I am convinced that our household and planetary sustainability begins within ourselves.  It is an expression of a higher consciousness. The natural functioning of the planet hinges on sustainability. It is a powerful yet delicate system, a system where all connections are important. In raising our consciousness, we help to lift others so that sustainability becomes a natural urge to them, where the desire to compete, waste and destroy is replaced by the desire to be in community. Words and logical thinking tend to take us astray from this awakening. I am sharing a glyph and reflection from my book that will give you a taste of what is further developed in the book. The complete work is available on Amazon (in large print for easy reading and following).

Fear can be woven into the fabric of your existence so that you operate from it so completely and unconsciously that it informs everything about you. Fear can become the scaffold, the backbone upon which you build your life while its tendrils work their way into every aspect of your life. Your decisions, your relationships and your choices can be taken hostage by fear.

This book does not focus on fear but instead on fearlessness. As we examine our lives and our choices, we may begin to see what we were avoiding. We easily take on the fears of others as a way to conduct our lives. We don’t get to operate from the full spectrum of possibilities if we are shackled by fear. Fearlessness on the other hand opens many doors to us. Our purpose is not to conquer fear but instead to raise our consciousness to fearlessness.

Use this glyph to reach a meditative state when doing the Reflections. It will provide the necessary attunement for this work.

The glyph has as its base the Void, seen as blackness in the glyph, the realm of all possibilities from which all The glyph has as its base the Void, seen as blackness in the glyph, the realm of all possibilities from which all things arise. The Circle, seen as a white ring, indicates Oneness. The Infinity sign at the center is a very ancient and profound symbol representing the All. Start by gazing at the glyph and contemplating it, letting the eyes follow the path of the Infinity sign at its center until you sense a subtle shift in your perception through this process. Then read a reflection and meditate upon its meaning.

Chapter 2 Reflections (page 21)

In fearlessness you fear not for the condition of others.

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