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Youtube video: Ecoasis Water Treatment System

I believe that the world is facing an environmental crisis, and that one of the most critical areas of that crisis is water security – and another is food security. I believe that we all must do our part in averting this crisis. I also believe that this crisis was created by man trying to subvert and overpower nature for profit rather than working with nature.

I designed, built and installed a prototype “Ecoasis” natural water treatment system at PAWS Farm in Mount Laurel, NJ and had the water periodically professionally tested (at my own expense) to make people aware of natural water treatment and demonstrate its effectiveness. It proved effective in cleaning the dirty water of the turtle pond there. ( This system can be used for other applications such as cleaning septic tank leachate as well.

I then opened Ecoasis Natural Water Treatment LLC in order to custom design, build and install the sustainable “Ecoasis Natural Water Treatment System” for customers and further demonstrate the great effectiveness of working with nature, especially in the areas of water treatment and food production.

Natural life like frogs and dragonflies move into the ideal conditions of Ecoasis Natural Water Treatment Systems and lay eggs. They help protect the plants from insects, and their offspring adds to the biodiversity of the system.

In addition to this I enjoy creating systems which people gain a great deal of enjoyment from as well as enjoying free, pesticide free produce (and potentially fish) grown at home. 

I have since created a website (, designed a new, improved version of the Ecoasis Natural Water Treatment System and added a new product; the Ecoasis Biofiltration System (

In the coming year I plan to add several new products I’m working on, including Floating Treatment Wetlands, Floating Treatment Gardens, the Ecoarium, the Single Tank (segmented) (lower cost) Ecoasis Natural Water Treatment System and the Ecoasis Aquaponic System to sustainably clean water and produce healthy, natural food. These effective products are highly customisable and produce plants such as herbs, vegetables, flowers and native wetland plants (customer’s choice) with no need for watering, fertilizing or weeding (and in some cases no risk of being eaten by herbivores). It is my hope that these products will also make people aware of the effectiveness of, and benefits of, natural water treatment and aquaponics for both small and large scale applications. 

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