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Mar 21

All Year – Free On-Demand Video Presentations at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.

March 21 - December 31

Posted by Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Mid-South Area Team

Available On-Demand Anytime!

The following nine specially selected presentations by speakers of Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. are free for anyone to register and view any time this year. Please feel free to check the A.R.E. web page Free On-Demand Video Presentations for any updates to this listing. Watch from the convenience and comfort of your own home via desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or even your smart phone on-demand.

FREE Event: Personal Transformation Live Stream

Judith Stevens will share the power of small group work—an intentional community of similarly committed people–where you will learn how to work on your spiritual growth safely, in a supportive and loving environment. The by-products of the process can lead to joy, inner peace, and most importantly, acceptance of the self and others.

FREE Event: Four Foundational Steps to Soul Growth Live Stream featuring Mark Thurston PhD

This lecture and workshop experience will explore a deeper meaning embedded in Edgar Cayce’s treatment of cooperation, self-knowledge, setting an ideal, and living with faith. You’ll examine practical ways in which you can apply these steps to accelerate your soul development.


FREE Event: Meditation: The Connection to Body, Mind, and Spirit Live Stream

Recent studies confirm the value of meditation for improving our overall physical and emotional health, as do compatible teachings from other spiritual traditions. This presentation will inspire you to begin—or –renew—the use of this simple yet important spiritual growth tool as a part of your daily spiritual practice.

FREE Event: The Importance of Meditation, Prayer, and Study Group Work Live Stream

Enjoy a lively and informative panel discussion about the importance of the “A Search for God” material, study group work, meditation, and prayer with three presenters who have spent over 100 combined years engaging, teaching, and applying these practices.


FREE Event: Your Destiny: Becoming Whole Live Stream

Learn how the Edgar Cayce readings and the “A Search for God” materials can help you unite spirit, mind and body as you embrace your ultimate destiny: become truly whole and one with the Source.



FREE Event: The Story of “A Search for God” Live Stream

The life-changing lessons in the A Search for God material, considered by many to be Edgar Cayce’s greatest legacy, were given in response to a small group of people interested in Cayce’s psychic gift. They asked him for a reading on how they too might help bring light and truth to a waiting world. So began a series of readings on spiritual laws and their application. Explore the story of this great work and the people who created the first A.R.E. study group.

FREE Event: Renewal of Spirit: Edgar Cayce, Reincarnation, and Study Group #1 Live Stream

Hear the story of the origins of the first A Search for God study group and explore the complex karmic relationships that existed among this group of spiritual pioneers. What you’ll learn from their experiences—both stumbling blocks and stepping stones—will help you understand and heal your own personal relationship dynamics, as the lessons they learned readily apply to us all.

FREE Event: Starting and Mentoring a New “A Search for God” Study Group

If you’ve always wanted to explore the A Search for God study group materials, or if you are current or former member of a study group wanting to start a new group, this presentation will help you understand the process.  You’ll also discover the support and materials you can receive from the A.R.E.’s website and from our Study Group department to help make forming and maintaining a successful group easy and fun.

FREE EVENTS: 2019 New Year’s Eve Conference Presentations

Part of A.R.E.’s Annual New Year’s Conference: Practical Spirituality: Edgar Cayce’s Step-By-Step Guide to Soul Growth

  • The Power of Affirmations featuring M.E. Hart, JD
  • Knowing and Living Your Ideal featuring Lora Little, EdD
  • Importance of Meditation & the Lord’s Prayer featuring Judith Stevens
  • Know Thyself: Returning to Wholeness featuring Karen Boldt
  • Walking the Sacred Path featuring M.K. Welsch
  • The Seven-Year Cycle, the Body Temple, and You featuring Adrian E. Castillo, LMT

After registration for any of these free events, you will receive a link to watch the presentations. Be sure to save that link for access.