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Author of more than 20 books and inventor of several ingenious devices, Albert’s blog, video interviews and recent presentations can be found as links from the website. He shared the first Right Livelihood Award in 1980 for the work of Plenty International in protecting indigenous cultures. A profile by Jim Windolf appeared in the April 2007 Green Issue of Vanity Fair. Albert will be traveling the world as long as commercial airlines continue to fly, lecturing, designing drawdown eCOOLvillage projects, writing more books, and appearing in a films, including recently, Forty Years on The Farm, How to Boil A Frog, and Global Warming: Solutions. Albert and his team accept a limited number of consultancies each year and can contract to provide full operational ecovillage formation, design and construction services. His permaculturally-designed Ecovillage Training Center site at The Farm intentional community, with cob and strawbale buildings set inside an historic commune spanning 5000 acres is now available as a feature film location.

Specialties: Thoroughgoing knowledge of climate science, energy and law; United Nations general consultative status through DPI-NGO/ECOSOC; permaculture design certification and teacher training; extensive field experience on six continents in all aspects of appropriate technology, ecological restoration, and all aspects of holistic village design.

Albert’s historic book, The Paris Agreement, is available in print and e-book formats and is a free download in Kindle Unlimited. BURN: Using Fire to Cool the Earth was published by Chelsea Green in February 2019. Transforming Plastic: From Pollution to Evolution is expected to be out in April 2019.

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