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My vision includes teaching our children to love nature. I met the boy in the picture during a photo shoot of his family garden. His parents admired the flowers, and their child immediately picked up on this and connected with a simple touch while I was describing these flowers. By teaching our children to love nature, it will allow us to be sustainable for years to come. We seldom destroy the things we love. Therefore by teaching our children to love nature, they will become protectors of the earth.

Photo by Josiah Patrick (all permissions are obtained)

The second image I chose is a bee on a hand. I chose this picture because it signifies the importance of treating every creature with care and respect even the tiniest bee. By treating every creature with respect and care, we will in turn act in ways that not only show care for ourselves but for their homes as well.

Photo by Josiah Patrick

Finally, pure admiration of beautiful nature creations and their interactions with each other always fills our hearts with joy and helps us understand our role in the cycle of life. Humming birds have been one of my favorite since childhood.

Photo by Josiah Patrick

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