Song DAFFODILS 5/5 (3)

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Jon Wolfe (voice, music, guitar)

Natalia Smothers (lyrics)

Image of Laurel Ridge Narcissus Plantings in Litchfield, CT


A burst of golden color from blooming daffodils
Shakes up the daunting bleakness of winter draining hills.
The yellow star-shaped flowers with trumpets full of glee
Sing praises to arrival of warmth, the sun, and spring.
The daffodils look fragile on top of their skinny stems.
Yet, they are so hardy that frost will always fail.
The deer and other creatures don't bother them at all,
And every year they're coming as a delight to our souls.

Copyright © 2019 Natalia Smothers – All Rights Reserved

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