About Your Green Homestead

Welcome to Your Green Homestead! We designed this online educational and entertainment platform for YOU to express your talents and showcase YOUR creative works, products, and solutions dedicated to a sustainable and Earth-friendly way of living.


What does it mean to live sustainably in an Earth-friendly way? For some this concept must include recycling, for others buying organic products, for the third group, mimicking nature… variations of the opinions are almost limitless. The founder of Your Green Homestead, Natalia Smothers, created a short story describing one typical day on a sustainable homestead that she named Natalia’s Vision. She knows that her vision is one among many other possibilities and welcomes you to rate it, leave a comment, and submit your own story, video, podcast, or any other kind of artwork depicting your vision of a sustainable homestead or household. The highly rated submissions will be featured on the Vision Contest summary page and entered in the competitions for awards from our sponsors.

All Contests, Products, Events, Member News, and Forum discussions are organized with a system of Categories and Tags. At this time, they are derived from Natalia’s Vision. With other submissions and discussions under Vision category, new categories and tags will be added.

Create an Account

In order to participate in Your Green Homestead Contests, Groups, Forums, and other interactions, you will need to create an account. Just click on the color button Sign up, fill out the registration form with your email and password, review Your Green Homestead’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, and submit the form for approval. Please don’t forget to validate your email from the link that will be sent to your email inbox! Within 24 hours, your account should be ready for activation (if not sooner). Simply login to your account with your password after your email verification, and this would activate your account.

After completion of this process, your name will appear among the YGH Members. You will have several menu items when you login/sign in allowing you to change Your Story, upload your profile photos, subscribe to existing Forums and Group discussions as well as create your own, send friend requests and private messages, and directly submit your Contest Entries. Please contact Natalia for instructions on posting News and Events.

Similar to other social platforms, it would be possible to deactivate your account and/or remove it from the member listing. The comments and other interactions might have to stay on the website depending on the difficulty of the removal process.

Age Restrictions

Your Green Homestead is an educational platform for families and households, including children of school age. Teenagers of 13 and older are permitted to sign up for their independent membership account at any level, except the Vendor on Your Green Homestead.

Adults ages 18 and above can apply for a Vendor status and set up a shop to sell their own products/services and also offerings of their family and/or group. You will need to check mark a box confirming that you are of appropriate age during the registration process.

Membership Levels

Upon your registration for an account, you automatically receive all the privileges of the Level 1 membership called Participant. You will be able to rate and comment on contest entries, buy products, book events, join and create groups, make comments on the posts of others under the posts and in the discussion forums, and submit news articles or event announcement. If/when you are ready to apply for other membership levels and/or Vendor status, please submit your request in the Contact Us form or send an email to

Comparison of Membership Levels



Level 1 Participant

     Level 2     Shop Vendor without Social Group(s)

   Level 3    Editor and Moderator

   Level 4   Shop Vendor with Social Group(s)

Buy products in the Shop x x x x
Sell products (Vendor status) x x
Rate Contest Entries





Comment on Contest Entries





Submit Contest Entries x x x  x
Create Member News and Post Events x x x x
Create a Group x x x x
Approve Group Members in your group(s) and Moderate Group Discussions        x            x

Support and Sponsor

If you and/or your organization are passionate about sustainability in general and/or certain issue(s) in particular, please consider becoming a YGH Contest Sponsor. Please contact Natalia for details about the logo/name displaying opportunity for the contest of your choice. We look forward to building Your Green Homestead community together with you!