Your Green Homestead announced winners of 2019 Highest Rated Entry Awards


Brentwood, TN – February 9, 2020 – Your Green Homestead, an online educational and entertainment platform dedicated to inspiring sustainable design, one household at a time, announced today the winners of its inaugural 2019 Highest Rated Entry Awards set at $1,000.00 this year.

Among nine contest entries posted on in 2019 for popular votes in four categories, an essay “Why is Permaculture a game changer for both urban and rural communities?” by Charles White and Ginger-Rose Krueck received all perfect 5-star ratings and the highest number of votes. Over 30 sustainability enthusiasts, including several not-for-profit organizations, registered their Your Green Homestead Community Member accounts in 2019 and cast their votes for the contest entries they found to be inspirational for sustainable design. The highest number of them voted for the winning essay.

“2019 was a great first year for Your Green Homestead online community. Starting from the ground up is always challenging and exciting at the same time. I am deeply grateful for the support of several local nonprofits in Nashville and other areas of Tennessee as well as thousands of passionate sustainability enthusiasts who were involved in over a dozen local events in 2019 posted on,” said Natalia Smothers, founder of Your Green Homestead. “I personally attended almost all of these events and gained even greater confidence that the future of our Mother Earth is in good hands. Our planet is destined for a prosperous, healthy, enlightened, and harmonious living built on the excellent sustainable design ideas conceptualized in our current time.”

Both authors of the award winning essay are convinced of the pivotal role of permaculture principles in transforming our homesteads, agriculture, and communities. Because of this, they decided to contribute their 2019 Your Green Homestead Highest Rated Entry Award of $1,000.00 to two organizations splitting it between Permaculture Action Network [PAN] and GROW Enrichment At Two Rivers Park [GROW] in Nashville.

PAN has been partnering with musicians like Rising Appalachia, Bassnectar and Michael Franti  to mobilize concert audiences to constructive direct action in permaculture projects over the last five years.  

Charles White, one of the authors of the winning essay and a community organizer in Nashville with half a dozen years of experience gardening and landscaping, participated and contributed to a series of several Permaculture Action Days in Nashville over the last three years.

“It has been truly amazing to witness our permaculture community come together for these action days. What a joy to accomplish work that benefits the people of Nashville all while dancing to great local music, learning new skills, and making friends,” he said. “If you haven’t seen the Permaculture Action Network’s movie Pushing Through The Pavement: A Permaculture Action Story at, you gotta watch it! I feel like these guys deserve Your Green Homestead Award as much as we do!”

The Permaculture Action Network | Pushing Through The Pavement: A Permaculture Action Story | OFFICIAL TOUR FILM | Posted on YouTube March 2, 2016

GROW Enrichment is applying permaculture methodology to engage and teach the local community successful restoration of urban green spaces. Ginger-Rose Krueck, the other author of the winning essay, is an executive director of GROW Enrichment. She works hard to integrate sustainable land management and usage with urban development, increase long term food resources for residents and urban wildlife, and connect urban students to careers in environmentalism, sustainability, and Conservation.

“On behalf of GROW Enrichment, we extend our gratitude for this award.” said Ginger-Rose Krueck. “It means so much to us to see the community taking notice of the work we are doing to create a more sustainable urban core within Nashville.”

The ceremony for 2019 Your Green Homestead Highest Rated Awards took place at GROW Enrichment at Two Rivers Park in Nashville, TN on January 31, 2020.
Left to right: Ginger-Rose Krueck, Natalia Smothers, and Charles White.
Photo by Tony Amezquita

About Your Green Homestead

Your Green Homestead [YGH] is an online educational and entertainment platform dedicated to inspiring sustainable design, one household at a time. YGH accomplishes its mission through a yearly contest of creative works featuring sustainable design ideas and stories for the chance to win YGH Highest Rated Entry Awards rated by YGH registered members. The members of YGH online community also post their news and events and participate in YGH forum discussions.

About PAN and GROW

For more information about Permaculture Action Network and GROW Enrichment At Two Rivers Park, please visit their websites.

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Tennessee Women In Green (TWIG) included a link to this media release highlighting Ginger-Rose Krueck’s TWIG involvement on the TWIG Community News page in February 2020.

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