Your Green Homestead Receives Microgrant Funding from the Wond’ry at Vanderbilt University

Nashville, TN – November 5, 2018 – Your Green Homestead is an online educational and entertainment platform showcasing creative works, products, and solutions dedicated to a sustainable and Earth-friendly way of living. In order to take her idea from concept to reality, Your Green Homestead’s Founder Natalia Smothers participated in the Wond’ry’s PreLaunch and PostLaunch programs. At the conclusion of PostLaunch, Natalia was one of nine entrepreneurs invited to pitch her idea to a panel of local entrepreneurs and industry experts and was ultimately selected to receive microgrant funding.

“Sustainability and the practices we employ today in both our businesses and our daily lives play an important role in the future of our society. It has been exciting to watch the evolution of Your Green Homestead. The Wond’ry team is looking forward to seeing how the microgrant funds help propel this platform forward,” said Deanna Meador, Assistant Director of the Wond’ry.

Your Green Homestead aims to inspire the growing body of environmentally-conscious consumers to contribute to the larger sustainability discussion happening in our world today. Visitors to the platform can participate in fun online contests, read interesting articles, engage with others, as well as view and purchase products from businesses committed to positive environmental impact. The platform’s content will be organized into an easily searchable database consisting of local events, creative works, informative articles, and green products. Your Green Homestead will use the microgrant funding from the Wond’ry to develop a prototype of the platform and explore potential customers and partners.

About the Wond’ry

The Wond’ry is the epicenter for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Vanderbilt University. The Wond’ry is the catalyst for building and strengthening creativity across campus, fostering innovation in all fields, and forging a stronger “maker” culture.

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