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Diana Sullivan

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(New American Villages)

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Diana is a real estate broker focusing on intentional, sustainable community and recognizing this is the wave of the future for development.  She initiated the development of the first cohousing community in the state of Tennessee, a community of 25 households at the corner of 5th & Taylor St. in Germantown area of Nashville.  And now consults with groups to begin, plan, market and build their new community.

To learn more about opportunities arising around community in the state of Tennessee go to

She is a visionary knowing how to hold a vision and watching it manifest through intention, commitment and the natural flow that occurs with vision.  Intrigued with the cutting edge of thought and the changes coming to humanity, she traveled to India and spent twenty one days in an Ashram to learn the ancient secrets of the Yogi’s.  Her book with the working title, “Vision, a New Beginning” will be published later this year.

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